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“Goa is not just a destination…But a world of fantasy in reality….” The enamored charm of Goa is hidden in its prosperous past and its glorious present. Its potential as a harbor lured many dynasties to invade the land; thus both Dutch and Portuguese influence can be seen in this little emerald of Arabian Ocean and coconut grooves. Though Goa is one of the most dazzling tourist destinations in India, the rock art engravings exhibit thousands of year old traces of this state. The Sumerians, Indo-Aryans and Dravidians, all have inhabited Goa and thus an amalgamation of all these cultures can be seen in this place. The most significant change came when original locals and migrants amalgamated, that gave rise to a new Goan culture. At present Goa is counted among one of the most developed states in India with a higher level of per-capita income. Forming the backbone of the state economy, the tourism industry of the state is prospering and making its appearance felt even in the international markets. The merriment play between the sun, the ocean water, the sand and the mountain rocks cast its magic spell on every vacationer and make them visit the place again and again. Adding to the charming beauty of this place, the resorts and hotels in Goa groom every vacation experience to be an unforgettable stay in this hippy idyll.

Facts about Goa

Area- 3,702 km2Geographical Location- West India

Establishing Year- 30th May, 1987
Capital- Panaji
Literacy Rate- 87%
Time Zone- IST (UTC+05:30)
Official Language- Konkani
Primary Industry- Tourism
Transport- Air, Road, Rail and Sea

Transport- Air, Road, Rail and SeaCulture

The culture of Goa can be much compared with the characteristics of water; the state’s culture is deep rooted in the traditions of the past, yet ahead with time and trend. The fleet of churches, temples and mosques witness a liberal religious system in the state where people from different casts, creeds and religions live in harmony and peace. In art, music and architecture also, this small tropical state has created a different identity of its own. Violin, piano and mandolin are used in the Goan Jazz music which has a distinct identity of its own. The Konkan, Portuguese, Bahamani and Nawabi cuisine varieties of Goa are famous worldwide for their alluring taste and enticing aroma. The thrilling night life of the state is certainly one of the best things that offer the visitors the perfect reason to come to this place again and again.


Prime Attractions

Divided into two distinct parts, Old Goa and New Goa, this western Indian state is dotted with several destinations that will lure your senses to be little romantic and sometime adventurous too. Restoring its old glory of the yore, the capital city Panaji is a city of shades where one can witness the pastel shades of the buildings, tender shades of the Mediterranean, impulsive shades of Latin America and the noisy shades of India. Just few kilometers away from Panaji is the queen of beaches Calangute. With its huge shoreline, this beach in Goa accommodates the largest number of people.

Sitting on the narrow western tip of the Mormugao peninsula, Vasco-De-Gama is the largest city in the state of Goa. The Portuguese invaders formed their port in Vasco-De-Gama which served as the busiest ports in the western India. The reflection of the Portuguese people and their traditions can well be witnessed even today also. Another memento of Portuguese invaders in Goa is the Aguada fort built in the year 1612. This giant fort houses a church, a lighthouse and a jail. It is also one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in the state.

In this state of azure Deep Ocean, the Dudhsagar waterfall is an eye-popping natural ménage, popular for its virgin beauty. Situated in the rugged Western Ghats, Dudhsagar is the bordering area of Goa and Karnataka. The list of tourist destinations in Goa is probably endless as every part of the state is glamorized with their own specialties. The remains of the earlier days are prominently visible in the architectures of the buildings of old Goa.


Things to do in Goa

A hot spot for enjoying various adventure activities and water sports, Goa never let the vacationers feel dishearten. There is so much to do in this tropical state that you might need to extend you trip to Goa.

  1. The diverse culture and landscape of the state make you cherish an unforgettable sightseeing tour to the most exclusive corners. Set off to an explorative journey to Goa and discover its hidden wonders.
  2. The endless stretch of the Arabian Ocean offer a chance to the adventure lovers to enjoy some of the best water sports like wind surfing, dinghy sailing, parasailing, water skiing, fishing and swimming in Goa.
  3. When the sun gets vanished in the endless sky, the state comes alive with its night clubs. The beats of hard rock music and the endless variety of spirits and wines make you twist you legs and body on the rhythm of the music.
  4. The luxury resorts in Goa are famous for their spa and Ayurvedic massage therapies that are pampering as well as rejuvenating. After a daylong excursion tour or adventure activity, these massage and spa centers become a haven for unwinding the senses, body and mind.
  5. It is said that the ocean has a different world of its own which is as colorful as rainbow and as beautiful as Eden’s garden. Thus a scuba diving in Goa certainly a fantasy coming true. Be a part of the marine life in a scuba diving venture.
  6. Cruise ride certainly evokes romantic thoughts, at least after the record breaking popularity of the Hollywood film ‘Titanic’. In the state of Goa you can cherish some tender moments with your partner in a romantic cruise ride sailing onto the wavy water of Arabian Ocean.
  7. Those who are the makers of their own destiny, Goa is a sure shot jackpot for them with its world class casinos. Though casinos in Goa are still in a sprouting stage, but these offer all major games to the casino lovers in the state.
  8. While into a vacation in Goa, savoring the best sea food varieties and local spirits become one of the most important criterion for the travelers. There are various restaurants in Goa that offer their signature sea food dishes and local spirits that surely make you lose your heart.
  9. If you are for a spine shivering experience in Goa, then you must visit the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of the state. A dwelling of various kinds of flora and fauna, these wild lands are the dream world for nature photographers.
  10. As sea is utterly intermingled with the everyday life of the people of the state, thus in the local markets you can find various fashion accessories and decorative items made up of aquatic creatures. These local handicraft items are transported to the international markets; thus a roam to these markets surely turn you shopaholic.
Recommended Hotels To stay In Goa :-

Whatever may be your fantasy vacation idea, Goa never makes you dishearten. The wide varieties of recreational activities, the scattering of luxury resorts, the diversity of landscapes and above all the lively modus Vivendi of the people of the state mounts Goa to be a perfect vacation destination in India.

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