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Have Fun & Relax with these Things to do in Goa

Next time you visit Goa, observe the people there. A certain laidback attitude defines their everyday life, while fun and relaxation lends them that lively outlook towards it. With its incredible beaches, culture and heritage, Goa offers a lot of scope for thrill and relaxation. It’s one of those places where life is a celebration…

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Maharajas’ Express offers deals on Royal Train Journeys to South India

The finest luxury train in the world, Maharajas’ Express begins two new royal train journeys to South India. To celebrate the new train voyages, Maharajas’ Express has announced two special offers. On bookings for its itineraries to South India, Southern Sojourn and Southern Jewels, the special offers announced are: Maharajas’ Express Companion offer: This offer..

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Top 5 Luxury Honeymoon Hotels in India

Aqua Lounge in Leela Goa

Honeymoon is a time wherein a couple takes the opportunity to strengthen the bond their marital bond. The country is a perfect land to spend your time with your loved one as here one can get complete serenity. Immediately after the wedding ceremony, you need some place to relax with your life partner alone. The..

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Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Park in India

Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand

The geographical diversity of India has resulted in rich flora and fauna. Thus, the fact has resulted in marking some of the areas protected and famed as wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. These wildlife areas are praised for maintaining the ecological balance and providing shelter to various endangered and conserved species of flora and fauna…

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Top 5 Luxury Hotels in India for the Leisure Traveler

5 Star hotels in New Delhi

For every globetrotter across the globe, India is one of the most fascinating destinations. The rich history and vivid traditional cultures that are replete in every part of the country, exuberates a special charm throughout this magical land that lures one and all. With heritage monuments, tourist attractions and special art forms that are known..

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Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Goa: For a Laidback Holiday in this Tiny Indian State

The Leela goa

One of the most preferred tourist destinations in India, Goa welcomes thousands of tourists from all around the world to enjoy its picturesque beauty. Of late, Goa tourism has been advanced to meet the international standards of hospitality. To accommodate the continuous influx of tourists in Goa, various luxury hotels have surfaced in different parts..

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Top 5 Star Luxury Hotels In Mumbai

The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of many dreams, is a must visit travel destination in India. The city boasts for its heritage sites, cultural centers, scrumptious food and buzzing nightlife. The city is also acknowledged as ‘the city that never sleeps’. As there are tourists from all across the globe flocking here, thus to meet their accommodation..

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Top 10 Spa Resorts in India

The phenomenal growth of spa industry in recent years has paved a way for many spa destinations in India.  Some of the best refreshing and relaxing spa resorts can be found in almost every part of the country. These enticing spa resorts offer a number of therapies such as medication, reflexology, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy that..

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