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India’s festivals which celebrate her culture and rich traditions

Just like anywhere else in the world, India’s festivals are an expression of her culture and traditions. Anyone who has been to India will agree that it is a land of festivals. Several festivals are held throughout the year in some part of the other, perhaps marking the continuance of a long-held tradition or celebrating..

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The Best Things to do in Jaipur that you must include in your itinerary

Jaipur, Rajasthan’s royal capital is a treasure for history and culture enthusiasts. From the extravagant palaces, mighty forts, revered temples and many historic landmarks, the Pink City has a lot to tempt explorers. Apart from a visit to the famous tourist places in Jaipur and things to do, marvel at the antique creations, splendid architecture..

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Tours to Kerala: The Land of Exotic Backwaters

Have you ever thought which is the most famous  aspect of tours to Kerala? No vacation in Kerala is ever complete, no matter how brief, without exploring the enchanting backwater region. Fondly referred to as the ‘God’s Own Country’, the title portends  the magnificence, treasure troves of nature and gracious hospitality offered in Kerala. Although..

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