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Have Fun & Relax with these Things to do in Goa

Next time you visit Goa, observe the people there. A certain laidback attitude defines their everyday life, while fun and relaxation lends them that lively outlook towards it. With its incredible beaches, culture and heritage, Goa offers a lot of scope for thrill and relaxation. It’s one of those places where life is a celebration…

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Luxury Beach Resort or Houseboat- Take your pick for Holiday in Kerala

Listed as ‘Top 50 Destinations to Visit Before You Die’, the backwaters of Kerala are blessed with the immense beauty of nature. Fondly referred to as the ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala has achieved global recognition for its spectacular backwaters. These backwaters are the network of canals, lakes, estuaries and delta of 44 rivers that flows..

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Relaxing Mind And Body At The Sea Shores

If you are a lover of Beaches then without doubt India, is the place for you as it has to offer you an amazing amalgamation of sea and glowing sand. The tourist gets an amazing environment to forget all his tiredness and relax his mind as well as body by the sea shore. Because of..

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Goa with its Enamored Charm

Goa Beach

“Goa is not just a destination…But a world of fantasy in reality….” The enamored charm of Goa is hidden in its prosperous past and its glorious present. Its potential as a harbor lured many dynasties to invade the land; thus both Dutch and Portuguese influence can be seen in this little emerald of Arabian Ocean..

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