Author: Vishwajit Sharma

A travel writer by profession possessing an avid interest in books, movies and music, Vishwajit Sharma believes that travelling is essentially discovering yourself. He hopes that, through his articles and write ups, the idea of travelling is aroused in everyone. Let the journey begin!

India’s festivals which celebrate her culture and rich traditions

Just like anywhere else in the world, India’s festivals are an expression of her culture and traditions. Anyone who has been to India will agree that it is a land of festivals. Several festivals are held throughout the year in some part of the other, perhaps marking the continuance of a long-held tradition or celebrating..

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Experience Complete Bliss and Harmony at the Best Spa & Ayurveda Retreats in India

Nothing is more relaxing and rejuvenating than staying at an Ayurveda retreat. These resorts combine the pleasures of a relaxed stay with the healing benefits of Ayurveda. Their incredible locations and outstanding hospitality enhance the experience of the visitor. What the Ayurveda retreats provide is more than just external healing, they seek to bring about..

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