5 Star hotels in New Delhi

For every globetrotter across the globe, India is one of the most fascinating destinations. The rich history and vivid traditional cultures that are replete in every part of the country, exuberates a special charm throughout this magical land that lures one and all. With heritage monuments, tourist attractions and special art forms that are known among locals, the diverse land of India invites each and everyone to come and be amazed!

For the safe and comfy accommodation of travelers, there are numerous hotels in India, located within every each of the country, giving everyone a chance to explore the lands and bask in the luxuries. There are hotels that fit every desire, that fulfill every need and arrange for the best possible itinerary to India.

For luxury tourists, there are several 5-star hotels all around India, best ones being in the capital city of Delhi and in the fashion capital of India, Mumbai. There are also business hotels that ensure the business truly mixes with pleasure.

In destinations like Goa, one could enjoy trendy holidays on beach with stay in amazing beach resorts, while re-live the history in Jaipur with a stay in heritage hotels.
The budget travelers are always happy on Indian tours as they have more than enough options to look around and chose the place they wish to stay in because the accommodations are comfy and available on surprisingly low budget.
Given below are some of the best destinations in India, where one can enjoy a stay in amazing hotels.

New Delhi

5 Star hotels in New Delhi
5 Star Hotels in New Delhi

Hotels in New Delhi ensure that the pride, respect and glory of the capital city are maintained when travelers come here for the stay. Those who stay in the accommodations in Delhi simply revel in the luxurious facilities they are provided with.

While some can chose to stay in the central Connaught Place where they will find amazing 5-star resorts like The Lalit, Le Meridien, Claridges and The Imperial, there are small town like Pahadganj which facilitate comfy budget hotels like, The Nest Hotel, Hotel Jukaso Inn and Vivek Hotel.
For business tourists, there are excellent airport hotels that provide every ounce of business facility one would require during their business tours in Delhi. Some of the prime examples of such facilities include Centaur Hotel, Radisson Blu Dwarka, etc.

The city is popular for its delicious cuisines and hence travelers can taste some of the best culinary dishes with a stay in here. The leading culinary restaurant in India is Bukhara in Maurya Sheraton which must be visited at least once in a lifetime. And after one visit, it is guaranteed you will want to visit again and again…


restaurant in leela goa
The Leela Goa

Goa is the party destination of India. Every accommodation facility here also ensures that party does not stop here. The state is replete with stunning 5 star hotels in Goa that fulfill every luxurious dream of travelers who stay in here. Tourists can chose in The Leela Resort where they can not only enjoy a lavish stay but can also try their luck in the on-site casinos.

There are also amazing beach resorts in the town such as Dona Sylvia, Holiday Inn Beach Resort and Cidade De Goa. These beach resorts offer tourists a chance to indulge in various beach activities such as beach volleyball, motor-boating, sun bathing, snorkeling, swimming, and late night beach parties. Dancing around on popular trance music with hippies while enjoying the local Goan cuisines and drinking the local drink, Feni; these resorts truly leave everlasting memories!

But Goa has lot more to offer. The state is known for its rich history which has been largely influenced by Portuguese culture. To introduce travelers with vibrant cultures of Goa, there are several heritage hotels in Goa which make up as some of the best places to stay in here.

If you want know more about  Goa hotels, Here’s is a top list of luxury hotels in Goa.


5 Star Hotels in Mumbai
5 Star Hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai is one city, which can boast, without any ounce of doubt, of housing some of the best hotels in the country. It is definitely the destination where the luxury tourists and corporate travelers love to stay in. The reason for this is the plain simple fact that the best 5 star hotels and resorts of India can be found in Mumbai.

The Heritage Hotels, The Taj Mahal Hotel, is the best hotel in the country. The hotel has been the primary choice for accommodations of every celebrity who visited here, be it the politicians, corporate executives, rockers, hip-hoppers and film stars. For the most lavish stay in India, a stay in this hotel is a must.

Apart from the lavishness, the other attracting feature of Mumbai is the several amazing beaches on the coast of Arabian Sea. Who wouldn’t want to stay nearby beach? For their convenience, several accommodation facilities are constructed. There are several resorts nearby the popular Juhu Beach such as JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai and Citizen Hotel. Several luxurious facilities can be found near the most famous destination of Mumbai, Marine Drive. Some of the primary examples include Intercontinental Marine Drive Mumbai and Hotel Marine Plaza Mumbai.

Business never ends in the busiest district of India. And hence, several business hotels in the city ensure that those who come in here on business tours do not go back complaining.


 The Oberoi Amarvilas agra
The Oberoi Amarvilas

The city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh is one of the major tourist destinations in the country. The reason for this is simple to guess: The Taj Mahal. To accommodate the thousands and thousands of tourists who come here to enjoy the sightings of the magnificent monument, the travelers make it to this city from all parts of the world.

The hotel management knows that everyone wish to stay as near as Taj Mahal as they could. Hence first and foremost, this criterion is fulfilled when constructing accommodation facilities in the city. There are amazing retreats in here where the guests can choose to stay in that are very near to Seventh Wonder of the World. Some examples of such properties include The Oberoi Amarvilas Agra, Hotel Marina Agra and The Grand Imperial.

Apart from this one must choose to stay in five-star properties of Agra as they ensure those who stay in here fell in love with their rooms as much as they are going to fell in love with the Symbol of Love. Also, these provide luxurious business amenities as well so that business travelers can enjoy a comfortable stay in here. Some of the primary examples of hotel include Clarks Shiraz Agra, Hotel Taj View and Trident Hilton Agra.

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Jai Mahal Palace jaipur
Jai Mahal Palace jaipur

The city of Jaipur in Rajasthan is popularly called as the Pink City of India. The rich history and vibrant cultures of the state is clearly reflected in each and every accommodation in Jaipur. The city is mainly known for housing some of the best heritage hotels of India.

These heritage hotels in Jaipur earlier existed as the palaces and forts of the Royalty of Rajasthan and now have been re-constructed as accommodation facilities for tourists. Those who stay in here, get a taste of the rich history of the country. One truly is made to feel like stepping the shoes of Rajas and Maharajas the moment they enter the premises.

The food served in most of these facilities is designed using the secretly guarded kingly recipes of former times. The architecture and décor is designed to remind one of the glorious historical days.

Some of the best heritage properties in Jaipur include Hotel Umaid Bhawan, Lal Mahal Palace and Raj Palace.

There are several budget hotels in Jaipur as well that provide excellent accommodation facilities to travelers who keep a strict eye on their pockets. Some examples of such facilities include Hotel Residency Inn and Hotel Arya Niwas.

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