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Luxury Hotels in Goa for Exotic Beach Vacations

Going by the tourism statistics of Goa, this tiny Indian state has achieved unprecedented heights as a cosmopolitan beach destination. A hippy ideal in early 60’s, Goa has shown a meteoric rise in the influx of foreign tourist segment due to the surfacing of five star hotels at popular beaches. Listed below are four luxury..

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Top 10 Hotels in India

Top 10 Hotels in India for pampering Accommodation With the emergence of the concept of globalization, the entire world has turned into a small place where exchange of cultures and traditions are no more out of the reach of common people. The tourism and public finance enterprises in India is thus experiencing a rapid growth..

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Luxury Goa Hotels: True Heavens of Comfort

Best 5* Hotels in Goa Goa, the mere name of this tiny emerald brings forth the images of palm-fringed groves, shimmering sands, jovial carnivals, masquerade parties, eclectic sea food, refreshing sound of surf booming on the shores and sunny afternoon siestas. All these characteristics of this region are perfectly replicated by luxury hotels in Goa..

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