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Have Fun & Relax with these Things to do in Goa

Next time you visit Goa, observe the people there. A certain laidback attitude defines their everyday life, while fun and relaxation lends them that lively outlook towards it. With its incredible beaches, culture and heritage, Goa offers a lot of scope for thrill and relaxation. It’s one of those places where life is a celebration…

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12 Treasures Unrevealing the History and Heritage of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the land of myth, history, lore, culture and heritage that dates back to the days of the earliest civilization in India. Magnificent temples, ancient royal dynasties, marvelous architecture and designs, there is a special appeal in Tamil Nadu that tempts travellers to explore. Glimpse into the political, artistic and cultural mindsets of..

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The Best Things to do in Jaipur that you must include in your itinerary

Jaipur, Rajasthan’s royal capital is a treasure for history and culture enthusiasts. From the extravagant palaces, mighty forts, revered temples and many historic landmarks, the Pink City has a lot to tempt explorers. Apart from a visit to the famous tourist places in Jaipur and things to do, marvel at the antique creations, splendid architecture..

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