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Top 10 Forts in India: Testimony to Age-Old Indian Architecture

Red Fort in Agra

Incredible India is a fantastic travel destination which houses an amazing tourist galore. This famous land of legends, raja-maharajas, spirituality and beauty is dotted with numerous mesmerizing heritage monuments. These monuments speak volumes about the rich cultural heritage and glorious history of incredible India. While some monuments still stands as a testimony to valor, chivalry..

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Top 5 Luxury Honeymoon Hotels in India

Aqua Lounge in Leela Goa

Honeymoon is a time wherein a couple takes the opportunity to strengthen the bond their marital bond. The country is a perfect land to spend your time with your loved one as here one can get complete serenity. Immediately after the wedding ceremony, you need some place to relax with your life partner alone. The..

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Trekking Tours in India: 10 Best Routes

Zanskar Frozen River Trek

It won’t be an overstatement to say that ‘Trekking Tours in India’ is a heady mix of spine shivering adventure and endurance test. India, a melting pot of diverse cultures, offers a myriad range of opportunities when it comes to adventure sports. Trekking, motorcycling, skiing, scuba diving, mountaineering and Para gliding are the most popular..

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Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Park in India

Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand

The geographical diversity of India has resulted in rich flora and fauna. Thus, the fact has resulted in marking some of the areas protected and famed as wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. These wildlife areas are praised for maintaining the ecological balance and providing shelter to various endangered and conserved species of flora and fauna…

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Wonderful Places to Relax & Rejuvenate at Luxury Spa Resorts in Goa

Spa Resorts in Leela Goa

The emerald state of India, Goa, marks its identity with its beautiful aureate beaches. The natural setting is adorned with swaying palm groves along the shoreline and influence of Portuguese in lifestyle and culture. Additionally, the state is also praised for housing resorts and hotels that have Ayurvedic and Spa Centers as a major highlight…

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